simple twitter follower tracking

friends & followers export faq
why does this exist?

twitter's future looks less certain than ever. this tool is designed to help you keep track of folks you care about by keeping a copy of their info. the archive generated by twitter only includes user ids, not their names or where else you might find them.

consider making sure your contact info is in your profile or pinned tweet too.

will this handle tens of thousands of users?

due to limitations in the twitter api, it will only include your following or followers if you have fewer than 15,000. up to 45,000 users can be included in your lists.

what does recent bookmarks mean?

twitter only allows fetching the 800 most recent bookmarks.

is it open source?


why do i get an error revoking the app?

this tool uses twitter's newer oauth2 api which by default only allows access for 2 hours. for an unknown reason, some users cannot revoke it before this expiration. it will disappear from your connected apps automatically within a few hours.

is there a privacy policy?

logs containing your ip address and twitter id are kept for a few hours to monitor the health of the service. cookies are set for the duration of your session to store your credentials. no data is retained.